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Building the Champions of Real Estate

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Game Plan Agent combines Real Estate Agent Social Media Marketing & Sales Strategy in One Place

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Our Vision

Our vision is simple, we want to help you leverage and grow your network to sell more homes.

Subscription Program

Game Plan Agent is a subscription program that includes social media marketing, video scripts, sales strategies and more delivered weekly to your inbox.

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Get Ahead of the Game

What if you differentiated yourself from the other real estate professionals?

What if when someone heard the words "real estate" they thought of you first?

What if your sales and marketing strategy could be found in one place?

How would that help your business grow?


The Game Plan Agent membership will accomplish all of the above. It is marketing, it is social media mastery, it is real estate branding out to stand out from your peers. The coaching we provide weaves current market conditions into how you position these discussions with your clients.


You will inspire action as a credible real estate expert. The sales strategies we share will help you draw in more opportunities and convert them at a higher rate.

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Endless Referrals

Utilize your existing network to grow your business exponentially. Generate referrals without a 35% referral fee or costly upfront fees. Did you know that the average Facebook user has 338 friends? If you have 338 friends and your friends have 338 friends that equates to over 100,000 social connections you can leverage for referral opportunities.


Stay top of mind with content that engages.

Your goal is to create a conversation, then a client, and finally a closing! We curate the best and most effective social media marketing for real estate agents. Our social posts resonate with our connections and will position you as the “go-to” real estate expert. We provide all the templates and tools you need to stand out from other agents. Our content presents as authentic instead of contrived. Connections will stop scrolling and start commenting.


Sell more homes.

With proven strategies that help you convert opportunities into sales at a higher rate. Real Estate professionals are focused on LEADS, LEADS, LEADS, however revenue only comes from closed deals. Hoarding leads won’t put dollars in your bank account. Our formula for conversion will help you increase commission income without having to scrub endless online leads.

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Game Plan Agent marketing and sales strategies are created exclusively for real estate professionals by a real estate industry expert.


Content that creates conversation, connections, clients AND closings!


The Game Plan Agent membership delivers an array of tools including weekly social media posts that create conversation, video templates that show off your expertise, marketing collateral and more. Join today –get off the sidelines and get in the game!
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Game Plan Agent Membership

Social Media Content and Sales Strategy delivered weekly to your inbox.


Game Plan Agent

Includes Automated Social Media Posts for Busy Agents.


1:1 Performance Coaching

Individual Coaching for Agents Looking to Elevate Their Business

Non-Subscription Options

Customized Marketing

Team & Brokerage


"Jen has always been supportive the past few years of knowing and working with her. From day 1, she was all in with me! She is always there to say “good job, you're awesome or don't worry you doing great--something will click I promise.” I appreciate her encouraging words of wisdom, advice & pep talks. Jen is always helping us try new approaches and strategies to be successful. We have awesome one on one coaching calls. Jen actively listens to my concerns and offers support to change things going forward. I have learned a lot from Jen. She has definitely impacted my business. I give her 5 stars!"

Susanne Mack, Smithtown, NY

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